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Plantix - a plant disease diagnosis app for gardener & smallholder farmer.

Plantix App : A Digital green revolution for pest control in Agriculture - Express TV

Aplicación Plantix detecta plagas sobre las plantas

With the help of Plantix, you can test your crops on diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies. With the help of a simple smart phone picture, our App is able to detect more than 60 plant pests & diseases automatically, on the rest we offer a regionalized ranking of most probable problems. You get a result immediately after sending us your picture and together with an individual diagnosis you get customized options for disease combat: Plantix offers information on conventional as well as alternative options for treatment and tells you how to prevent your problem from the start. This library is available offline as well. And the best: with every picture, you help other farmers around the world, since our automated diagnosis is built on your pictures and growths with every new information sent to us.

Plantix supports farmers in a smart agriculture that produces healthy crops and saves resources via targeted action. Plantix is your Plant Doctor

This version of 'Plantix' is NOT ready for a production use. Please keep in mind that there might be crashes, work in progress-texts and regional details we will fix in the next months. Due to Plantix' global range, some local details will need further adaption. Please write us in case you feel a text and/or picture is inadequate for your area. We will fix any this bugs soon, everybody who uses 'Plantix' helps us to get it ready for use. 'Plantix' is free of commercials and always will be free of charge for smallholder and our partner organizations.
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